Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Goodness...

As promised (and only a couple days late!) here is what I did with the April SoML kit, La Primavera:

I absolutely LOVE the Daisy D's Wonder Years line. The collaged, stitched look is just my style.

More layouts to come in a couple days. I did some really fun ones with lots of hand stitching over the weekend.

The May 2008 Scrapbook Trends is available now, too! If you already have it, check for my Band Geeks layout in the High School Memories section. I can't wait to see it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time for some big-time updating!

Okay, I have so much stuff to catch up on! I will start with this: I have finally read the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer, and I am flipping OBSESSED. I am talking obsession of Harry Potter proportions. I walked around in a starry-eyed daze the entire time I was reading the books (I read the three that are out so far in about 4 days!), and maybe for a week afterward. They are that good. You must read them if you haven't. Period.

Okay, and I'm also a month behind on posting my Story of my Life work! Here's what I did for March:

Story of My Life also celebrated its 1 year anniversary this month! So, congrats to Sara on a great year! I'll be posting my April stuff on Monday, so I don't end up having the longest blog post ever.

I'm going to be super busy the next few weekends with all kinds of belly dancing events, including my second round of classes with the fabulous Ansuya, whom we are SO lucky to have living here in Naples, now. We'll be working with props this time, so maybe I'll have some pictures of me balancing my sword on my head to post. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I am going to a crop tomorrow, so I should have all kinds of stuff to post next week, on top of the April SoML stuff.