Monday, June 23, 2008

A super huge update...

It appears that I have gotten behind on posting yet AGAIN. I have an excuse this time, though. We are moving! My husband got a promotion, and we will be moving to Boca Grande, FL on Gasparilla Island in a couple weeks. Here is my new house (which is super close to the beach):

And here is a view of the water around the island:

I can't wait! I'm not looking forward to the actual process of moving, but it will be exciting to be in the new house! At least we're only moving an hour north. Naples is nice, but I'm ready for something smaller and more quiet for sure. I've already packed my scrap room, so the BIG job is finished.

And now, lots of layouts. The first one is from the May SoML kit, and the rest are from the June kit:

Not only am I moving in about 2 weeks, but I also have my first solo bellydance performance coming up at the end of July. I still have to finish my choreography AND make this kick-butt studded leather yarn/coin belt. And dye my gloves. And do a trial run of my hair and make-up. And practice the whole thing once it's finished. And do all my layouts for the July SoML kit. It's going to be a busy month for me!