Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Fisher's popular this week....

My Fisher at 2 Months layout is really getting around this week! Yay!

First, it was chosen for the Catwalk on SIS TV:

Then, I won the favorite photos challenge from last week on the American Crafts blog:

It really is great when you get recognition for a layout you're super proud of, and it's even better because it has such a special photo on it! It just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally...some Fisher layouts!

Before I get to the layouts, a little news....Fisher is already getting his first tooth, can you believe it?! Not even 3 months yet. Chad discovered it on Thursday morning. It's the bottom front right one. Now that I know he has a tooth coming in, it's obvious he's been teething, drooling and chewing on his hands a lot. He's doing pretty well, but still feels icky sometimes.

It is so good to do some scrapping, especially when I have all these great photos of my adorable boy! Here's one I did yesterday....a little Cosmo cricket and Studio Calico love, and of course at least a touch of Sassafras. I really like those SC Fab Rips. Definitely need more of those!

This is the one that I did about a month and a half ago that I just took the time to photograph. Lots of Sassafras on this one!

My next objective is to get down to business making more stuff for my Etsy shop. I really want to start taking that seriously, and work hard to fill it up and advertise, since I'm pretty much a stay at home mom for the next year. Fisher is loving his Jumperoo, so he hangs out with me in the scraproom and plays while I get creative.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Fisher photo!

Fisher is almost 11 weeks old, and here I am still working on his 2 month photos! I can't help it..I have such a cute kid!

I just love all his little rolls! He gets lots of kisses, that's for sure.

One of these days I'll remember to take a photo of the layout I've done. I'm almost done decorating our tree, so there will be cute Christmas photos coming up, as well as *hopefully* some new stuff for my shop. I have some cool ideas in my head, I just have to find the time to sit down and make some stuff!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Something Crafty.

This is the brooch I made for my sister for her birthday. I am so happy with how it turned out...I think it's my favorite that I've made so far. I used one of these Prima flowers at the center. I loved those things since I first saw them, and knew I needed to make something cool with them.

I still need to photograph the layout I's full of cute baby and Sassafras goodness. I'll get that up soon!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Growing so fast!

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. Fisher is already 2 months old! I took the time to do some posed type shots of him today. Most of the gagillion photos I have so far are more of the snapshot variety. Look how much he's changed just since my last post!

We sure do have a cute kid, if I do say so myself! I have done a couple crafty things in the past month which I still need to post...a layout of my little man, and a brooch I made for my sister. I'll get those up very soon!

We are getting our Christmas tree in a few days. I can't wait to get some photos in front of it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A few photos.

Well, I actually have a TON of photos, but I'll just post a few. Fisher is already 3 weeks old today! I can't believe it. It has been both harder and more wonderful than we could have ever imagined, but everything has been so worth it.

Pictures of babies with their Daddies just melt my heart. :) I have two sweet guys.

I have to say, my Sleepy Wrap has been a lifesaver. It is wonderful for those times he just wants to be held. I can have him snuggled up to me and still have use of my hands. He loves being in it....he looks like a little frog with his legs all tucked up on my chest. Hehee.

Now I am really itching for a moment to scrap all these photos, but I also don't want to put my little guy down! He's getting used to being in his bouncy seat in here with me, so maybe soon!

Friday, October 09, 2009

He's here!

Fisher Alan, born Friday October 2, 2009 at 10:13pm, 9lbs 2 oz, 21" long.

This photo was taken yesterday. He's already a week old today (well...tonight!). This week has just flown by.

So....I had another ultrasound and Dr. appointment last Thursday, and it had been decided I would be induced on Monday October 5 (two days before my due date) because they didn't want him to get any bigger. Well, little Fisher had plans of his own, because my water broke Friday morning, and he came into the world 15 hours later. The labor and delivery went without a hitch, but I had some complications after, so we didn't get to come home until Tuesday. Everything is fine now, and we're all doing great. It's still a little surreal that we have a baby now, but we are so happy, and we just can't stop staring at and cuddling with our sweet little guy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Layout!

Here's the layout I said I was going to do of Pickle. I am so happy with how my layouts are turning out lately, especially these last two. I think I'm getting back into my groove. Thank goodness!

RIght now I'm working on some Halloween embellishments for my Etsy shop. They're looking pretty cool, too. I should have those up in the next couple days.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, I scrapped again.

My comment at the end of my last post about my "big ol' belly" inspired me to do this layout. I just love how it turned out. I'm all about happy, colorful, busy layouts! It's my new favorite.

I am going to scrap more today. I took a super cute photo of Pickle a couple days ago that needs to be on a layout. Have a great day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Latest Projects

The other day, I randomly decided that I wanted to embroider something. I don't know why I never thought of doing it sooner, seeing as I sew on every papercrafting and scrapbooking project I do. I took Elsie's online class back at the enf of last year, so I pulled out the super cute embroidery patterns she provided, and made this to go over the changing table in the nursery:

The frame and, of course, the underwear are from Elsie, and I just traced a computer font for "change me". I still need to get an oval hoop of cute frame to put it in.

I've also FINALLY added something to my poor, negelected Etsy shop. Nine new things to be exact. These are my absolute favorite:

I also found out a couple days ago that two of my felt brooches are going to be in the February/March issue of Simply Handmade! I can't wait to see them.

On the baby front, all is well. I'm 37 weeks now, and lugging my big ol' belly around. I have the hospital suitcase packed already, just in case, and Chad is installing the carrier bases in the trucks this weekend. I feel pretty decent, but there are all those end-of pregnancy aches and pains to deal with. It's getting so close, we're pretty excited!

And now, since my body is cooperating and letting me be comfortable in this chair for a while, I am going to do some scrapping!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

36 Weeks

Just had my last ultrasound this morning, and look what we saw:

That's our baby! I haven't had an ultrasound since 20 weeks when we found out he was a boy, and they couldn't really get us a clear picture of anything that looked like a baby..other than the "necessary" stuff. You can see his nose, puckered lips, chin, and little hands balled up. It's so exciting! And he's definitely a boy...they showed up some very clear proof of that.

I'm feeling pretty good in general, but I'm getting uncomfortable, especially at night. No complaints,'s all worth it. I can't believe he's almost here!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, I DO still scrap!

I have a couple new layouts. I should get more thing done now because I have more time off from work. Only the month of September to go, then it's off to wait for the little one to get here! Still enjoying scrapping my childhood photos. I was snacking on some starburst, and the wrappers reminded me of this Sassafras paper. I then proceeded to make flowers out of the wrappers.

A much simpler layout....but this one is SO heavy because it has so many layers!

Now for some baby stuff! This is Fisher's going home outfit. A friend of ours worked for Tommy Kids and got us all kinds of cute clothes. I just love the little whales.

Another nursery view. We've had the closet doors on for a while, and I have the diaper stacker filled (with lots of extras in the closet!). We do still need to hang the mobile. My mom made the quilt that is hanging on the end of the crib. I can't wait to see our baby boy in his cute little room. Only 6 weeks to go now!

More crafty-type stuff to come soon. I've also been working on some cool mini kits for my poor neglected etsy shop. Kind of Jenni Bowlin Junque Box-esque....but different. Have a great day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everything is going great...

....I just haven't really felt like blogging lately! The baby is doing wonderful. We're having a boy! His name is going to be Fisher Everett. I will be 29 weeks on Wednesday, and my belly is really poking out now! He's an active little one....I love sitting and watching my tummy move around. He really goes crazy when Chad or I read to him.

The nursery is almost done. We still have to get a few more things, and the closet and main doors are going back on today. We got just about everything from Ikea, and I love the look of it. My mom has made a quilt for the crib, too, so that will be here in a few days when she comes down. This is how it looks so far:

Still have to get all the little clothes in the drawers of the dresser (just out of the photo to the left) washed and hung up. I still have time, though...I just want everything done so we're not rushing at the last minute!

And yes, I do still scrap! Not super often, but I do still get to it once in a while. Here are a few things I've done lately:

Well, that's about all for now. I think I might try to scrap today. I have a couple things that are sitting here half-finished. Have a good day!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Okay, I have updates, I swear! I will post everything soon. I just haven't been on the computer too much lately.

Everything is going great with the baby. I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday, and I've been nausea and sickness-free for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Thank goodness. It was getting pretty rough. My next appt. is on the 30th, and the Doctor said they will schedule a time for me to go to the hospital and be put on the big fancy ultrasound machine so we can find out the gender of the baby! I can't wait!

I do have some crafty-type stuff to update, too. I just have to get all the photos uploaded and whatnot.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Most Important Update Ever....For Now.

Yes, that is a baby! I am 9 weeks along, and this is my first ultrasound from last week. We've known for about 3 weeks now, but wanted to wait until I had my first appointment with the doctor to tell everyone. This is our first child, and we couldn't be more excited!

I was SO SICK during weeks 7 and 8. ALL DAY sickness. I was on a steady diet of crackers and toast for about a week straight. I seem to be getting better. I only feel a little yucky in first thing the morning until I eat, and I can actually eat normal food now. Let's just hope I get lucky.

Now I just can't wait until we find out what we're having so I can start shopping! I know I am going to drive myself crazy researching everything. I have ideas floating around in my head, and can't wait to get them out!

I DO actually have other stuff to update with, but this was the most exciting, important part, so I wanted to make sure I got this posted. More to come soon, and I'll have another ultrasound photo in 2 weeks!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hooray for Polaroids.

I promised a polaroid post. I only have one thing to show, but least it's something, right?

I just have to say, the negatives are way cool. More so than the actual photos since I spent a whole pack of film just messing around and getting used to the camera. I'm ordering a bunch more film tomorrow, and will be prepared to take a massive amount of non-crap photos.

So, here is my front door, in all its glowy, scratchy, funky negative glory:

I love how it looks old. The negatives are wet for some time after you peel the photo off, and no matter how hard you try, something gets stuck to them, you touch them, or drop them. But it makes for great marks when you scan the image. And you get a built in grungy frame. 

I have actually been doing some *gasp* SCRAP-RELATED stuff. Valentine's cards, of course. A post on those coming sometime in the future when I actually sit down and upload the photos.And finish the cards. But I will try to make it soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supermassive Update.

So....what have I been up to for the last month, you ask? Why, making things for my Etsy Shop, of course! I FINALLY had time to photograph, edit, and list everything today, and I didn't want to post it here before I got it all up in my shop. Because I'm secretive like that. Without further ado:

My latest thing is brooches. Wearing them and making them. I got really inspired right before Christmas, and I have been making them like a mad woman. Here are a couple I've made for friends, and one I made for myself (the red, black, and green one):

Here is my super cute packaging:

And here is what I've been doing with the satin flowers I make.

In other news, I now have a working Polaroid Super Shooter Land Camera that takes peel-apart polaroid film. I am so in love. The negatives are almost cooler than the photos. I've been using Fuji film to get myself used to it so I don't waste any precious Polaroid film. I had a Colorpack III, but unfortunately it didn't work. I found my "new" one for next to nothing. I have to scan everything and I want to play around with them in photoshop, so there will be a polaroid post coming up soon. Very soon. Promise. But don't hold your breath on the "very" part. Heh.