Thursday, October 19, 2006

4 years ago today.....

...I married the most wonderful man in the world! Happy Anniversary, Chad! I love you!

And 53 years ago today, my Dad was born! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

So, now a couple of updates. On Sunday, I went to my second crop with the scrap group I was invited to join. My Mother-in-law, Marty, is a part of the group now too, so it's fun scrapping with her. I had alot of cards to make (which I didn't take photos of), but I did manage to get one layout done. I came across this picture of me (at age 8)when we were going through photos while my Mom was down. I thought it was too hilarious NOT to scrap.

I call it my Afro Mullet. Gorgeous, isn't it? My sister is SOOO lucky she missed most of the 80's. And I have to say, I am LOVIN' those Heidi Swapp bling borders. Even though you can't really tell, I used the Martha (light green) ones here that I got in my last Poppy Ink kit.

One last thing. About 6 months ago, I retired my beloved (but tired and not big enough) Coach bag and got the Daisy Tote from Etsy. Although it's cute, it just wasn't working for me as a purse. I wanted another nice purse, but really didn't want to spend a big chunk of change again. I browse the big purse sites now and then, just to see what they have. and I came across this one on the Dooney & Bourke website. I comes in about 6 different colors, but I LOVED the pink on green.

Well, on Saturday, Chad and I were out and about and I asked him to stop by Dillard's just so I could look and see what purses they had. I walked over to the Dooney display, and there it was....the EXACT bag in the EXACT color combo I wanted. The best was 50% OFF (and it's still a current season bag, too)!!! I swear it was fate. I had some extra money, and Chad said he didn't mind if I got it. It's slightly lighter than it shows in the picture, and the green and pink part is a kinda silky canvas cloth. It's the happiest purse I've ever seen. So cute.

Well, that's all I have for now. Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Blog Challenge

Today's blog challenge on 2Peas:

If you could ask for only 3 things this Christmas, what would they be?

Well, this one is actually pretty easy for me, because I don't tend to ask for alot at Christmas. I buy myself all the smaller things I want during the year, but Chad and I use Christmas to get each other the slightly pricier things that we wouldn't neccessarily buy on a whim.

I've decided I want a new Nintendo DS Lite in Coral Pink. Chad got me the Gameboy Advance SP a few years back, and we both play it all the time, but since the new one came out all the new games are released for this one, plus this one has a brighter screen and backlight. I would eventually like the new Nintendo Wii, but I know I'd play the handheld more. Chad and I decided that we didn't want to spend $600 on the new Playstation 3, so it wouldn't be fair to turn around and get the other system right away, even though it is alot less.

The next item is a game for the DS. Let me tell you, the Wario Ware games are seriously the most fun games ever made. I have the two that were made for Gameboy Advance, and I can play them for hours (great for long trips!). So, the game I most want is Wario Ware: Touched! (the site is pretty fun, check it out!).

The last thing I thought of would be a Quickutz Aplha. As this would be $200 alone, I would rather have the DS. But, the challenge asked for three things, so here's my third! The new QK Diesel aplha (just the alpha, no shadow!). I mainly got the QK to use the shapes so I wouldn't have to get so many punches (and it came with a cute aplha), but I wouldn't mind having one full size, versatile set as well.

Okay, so there's my Christmas list. Funny, because Chad and I just talked about this over the weekend. He's decided that he wants a Smoker and has already picked one out, so I guess we're pretty well ahead of the game! Now to plan Christmas cards....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Those layouts I never posted....

I just wanted to share the layouts I did a couple weeks ago but never got the chance to photograph. I'm working on some more stuff now, so I'll get those posted when I finish. Enjoy, and have a great day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So many packages!

I am SO behind on my blogging! I slacked for a few days, then my Mom has been in town for the past week while Chad is on his annual Canada Fishing Trip with his college buddies (he comes home tomorrow, yay!!!).

SO....I thought I would share all the fun stuff I've been getting in the mail. First of all, the WAY CUTE skeleton and goodies I got from winning BonnieRose's RAK Contest on her blog. A couple days before that, I received a cute Fall Card from her, too! Cards from her always put a smile on my face!

I ordered a couple more items for my Belly Dancing costume. Everyone raved about my skirt in class last week. I wanted to get some nice jewelry to go with it...I can't believe the awesome prices you can find on Ebay! This stuff is new, too! A headpiece and ring/bracelet cuffs. I got them from two different stores, and they match perfectly. We are also starting to learn Zils (finger cymbals) in a couple weeks, so I am REALLY excited about that! I'm getting my set in class tomorrow.

I also got my second package from my Swap Sister for the Sassy Secret Sisters swap on 2Peas. I found out she is the fab Ms. Kiki! Awesome stuff. HS fuzzy rub-ons, chenille rick rack, Basic Grey monograms, chipboard flowers, a TOTALLY cute Altered 'P'. I was especially excited about the Petaloo Flowers. I've had my eye on those! I'll have to come up with something pretty cool to use them on.

A nice pile of paper posies for the Flower Swap I'm doing with my local scrap group. I'm really looking forward to getting all those packages of different flowers! I decided to go unconventional with black. I thought they were pretty cool.

Last but not least...lots of lovely Alphas. All my favorites. I just LOVE HS chipboard alphas, and they are such a great value! Also some MM velvet alpha sticker in colors I didn't have, and some small HS mailbox letters! You can never have too many alphas, and I use the HECK out of them!

Before Chad went out of town, we also got the FABULOUS 85mm f1.8 lens for the camera. I am totally loving this lens! I also scored a Black Quickutz Squeeze (that comes with the Metro alpha) for $45 on when they were having their big 50% Off Quickutz sale last week!

I still have 3 layouts that I have to photograph and post...another thing I've slacked on. I'll probably do that on Friday. Have a great day!