Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Blog Challenge

Today's blog challenge on 2Peas:

If you could ask for only 3 things this Christmas, what would they be?

Well, this one is actually pretty easy for me, because I don't tend to ask for alot at Christmas. I buy myself all the smaller things I want during the year, but Chad and I use Christmas to get each other the slightly pricier things that we wouldn't neccessarily buy on a whim.

I've decided I want a new Nintendo DS Lite in Coral Pink. Chad got me the Gameboy Advance SP a few years back, and we both play it all the time, but since the new one came out all the new games are released for this one, plus this one has a brighter screen and backlight. I would eventually like the new Nintendo Wii, but I know I'd play the handheld more. Chad and I decided that we didn't want to spend $600 on the new Playstation 3, so it wouldn't be fair to turn around and get the other system right away, even though it is alot less.

The next item is a game for the DS. Let me tell you, the Wario Ware games are seriously the most fun games ever made. I have the two that were made for Gameboy Advance, and I can play them for hours (great for long trips!). So, the game I most want is Wario Ware: Touched! (the site is pretty fun, check it out!).

The last thing I thought of would be a Quickutz Aplha. As this would be $200 alone, I would rather have the DS. But, the challenge asked for three things, so here's my third! The new QK Diesel aplha (just the alpha, no shadow!). I mainly got the QK to use the shapes so I wouldn't have to get so many punches (and it came with a cute aplha), but I wouldn't mind having one full size, versatile set as well.

Okay, so there's my Christmas list. Funny, because Chad and I just talked about this over the weekend. He's decided that he wants a Smoker and has already picked one out, so I guess we're pretty well ahead of the game! Now to plan Christmas cards....


Anonymous said...

Somebody likes video games, me too! I love to play Halo with my dh! I am getting my boys the playstation 3 for Christmas, already dropped half of the money down on it at game stop. That is all I am getting them. That and a few games, and my parents got them both psp's and ipods, so they are going to be pscyched. Dana

smkh1117 said...

Great list! I love that the gameboy is pink. It should be called a gamegirl! Hope your get what you asked for!

Lynn said...

Nice list. I'm not a video game person, but my boys are. One has XboX and the other has playstation 2 and tons of games. They even play xbox live. I of course have no clue. I hope you get your new pink game. Sounds like fun

Anonymous said...

Wishing all your wishes come true !

Norma (localcoairis)

melissa said...

nice choices, that pink nintedo is so cute. :)