Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, I DO still scrap!

I have a couple new layouts. I should get more thing done now because I have more time off from work. Only the month of September to go, then it's off to wait for the little one to get here! Still enjoying scrapping my childhood photos. I was snacking on some starburst, and the wrappers reminded me of this Sassafras paper. I then proceeded to make flowers out of the wrappers.

A much simpler layout....but this one is SO heavy because it has so many layers!

Now for some baby stuff! This is Fisher's going home outfit. A friend of ours worked for Tommy Kids and got us all kinds of cute clothes. I just love the little whales.

Another nursery view. We've had the closet doors on for a while, and I have the diaper stacker filled (with lots of extras in the closet!). We do still need to hang the mobile. My mom made the quilt that is hanging on the end of the crib. I can't wait to see our baby boy in his cute little room. Only 6 weeks to go now!

More crafty-type stuff to come soon. I've also been working on some cool mini kits for my poor neglected etsy shop. Kind of Jenni Bowlin Junque Box-esque....but different. Have a great day!