Monday, September 04, 2006

A Birthday Card.

This is a card I made for Becca, bigsunglassesrock on Two Peas. She is hosting the swap I'm in, the Sassy Secret Sisters. Becca, if you read this, have a great birthday!

We did all the shopping for the cookout yesterday, and all our friends are coming over about 5 this evening. It's gonna be a great time! Chad got me a Key Lime Cheesecake as my "Birthday Cake" and he even got number candles (as a joke). He said he was going to get the black 'over the hill' candle, but then decided against it. Gee, thanks, honey! I'd hate to know what you think when I AM over the hill! He's just a goofball like that. Hehee.

Man, long weekends are the best! That means the work week goes by faster, too. Have a great Labor Day, everyone!


Dana Brooks said...

What a cute card!! DAna

melissa said...

adorable card!-love it :)

have a fun night with your friends

BonnieRose said...

love ur card.. love the photo corner idea as petals.. way too cute!

scrapperjen said...

Beautiful card!