Saturday, September 06, 2008

The big 2-8.

So, I turned 28 yesterday. I keep thinking, "Wow, I'm almost 30," but then somehow it doesn't bother me. Chad is already 32, maybe that's why it's not a big deal. As I told my sister on the phone, my birthdays don't make me feel old, HERS do. She'll be 20 this year. Geez. 

Anyways, I had a great day. When we got up, Chad brought me a sweet card and a Key Lime Pie for a birthday cake. Yum! He even had the dogs bring me a card, complete with "Mommy" written on the envelope. It was hilarious, you have to see this card:

It looks JUST like Pickle, floppy ears and all.

We went up to Venice, and Chad took me to see Bottle Shock. I've been waiting to see it for what seems like forever! It was a great movie. If it's even possible, Alan Rickman's voice is even BETTER when he speaks French. If you haven't heard of it, it's about the "Judgement of Paris"...the 1976 blind wine tasting when California wines won against French wines.

While we were in Venice, we stopped by the Tervis factory store. We love these glasses. We have all these other nice cups and glasses and these are all we use. They're great because they don't sweat, and you can get lids and straws for them. I found the cutest design ever:

On top of this stuff, Chad's mom paid for me to go to our local Scrap Pink event later this month, and my mom got me a virtual truckload of scrapping goodies, which are on their way from 2 Peas as we speak. I'm so excited for both. They are too good to me, and I am so grateful.

I got my September Story of My Life kit on Thursday. My gosh, you guys, this one is awesome, you have to check it out! I've finished one layout so far, and I just LOVE it:

I've been wanting to scrap this picture of my mom. I really like using copies of all her baby pictures. They're so cute! We are so fortunate that my Grandma has always written places and dates on the pictures.

Challenge 7 over at the Inspired by Amelie blog will be up tomorrow. This was a really fun one, so be sure to drop by and join in!

The Etsy Shop is still coming along. Just a few more things to do. More layouts and maybe a few more photos from around town to come.


pinkcherrymama said...

happy birthday old lady! i am 34, so i can't talk...been lovin' reading your blog and "getting to know you". have a great weekend!

sara berry said...

Happy Birthday Penny!! Glad you had a great day!

gillian said...

Happy Birthday! Those glasses are FABULOUS!