Tuesday, January 05, 2010

3 months!

I tell you, my kid just gets cuter every day! We had fun this morning with tummy time on the bed. Here's his 3-month photo in his Green Eggs and Ham jammies:

I have SO many photos of him already...lots to scrap! I am enjoying just being a mommy and spending time with this sweet guy. He's getting more interested in toys, and he LOVES Dr. Seuss books. I think it's a combination of the rhyming and the bold illustrations.

Another cute photo...he's always so happy in the morning. This one is from a few days ago:

Tonight I had him in the wrap while I was putting groceries away, and he just cracked up for no reason. It was the cutest thing ever! That's the closest we've gotten to a belly laugh so far. I can't wait for those.


Hobbyaholic said...

Adorable kiddos. He's very photogenic too.

Blessed Ladybug said...

what and awesome pictures.. love the blog.. keep the pictures coming they grow so fast .. much love and God blessing to you.. barbara

Amber Zimmerman said...

So sweet! Boy do I miss that age. Every stage is so much fun though! =)

scrapperjen said...

Oh my - what a sweetheart! He is the cutest.

Denise said...

He is adorable!