Monday, May 08, 2006

One last update before we leave tomorrow...

Thought I'd post again before we head down to Key West tomorrow. We're going to be staying at the Authors of Key West Guesthouse. Here are pictures of the room we'll be staying in:

I still can't post the project I made for my Mom for Mother's Day for fear that she'll see it here- I don't want to ruin the surprise. I did post it in my 2peas gallery if you fellow peas want to take a look at it. Momma- Please don't look at my gallery until after you get your package!

I can, however show you the quick little gift and card I made for my Grandma:

Also, I just have to say that this moth's ribbon kit from TOO Ribbon Club is absolutely GORGEOUS! Teresa gave us bunches of different kinds this month. Take a look! (see below) If you don't get this kit, YOU SHOULD! It's only $10 a month (including shipping) and you get 12 yards total of ribbon of all different kinds, plus she always gives you some kind of freebie, too!

Alright, everyone have a good week! We'll be back friday evening. I'll try to post som photos this weekend, but we're going out on the boat with some friends Saturday, and we'r egoing to Chad's parents' place on Sunday for Mother's Day. We'll be going non-stop for the rest of our vacation! I need a tan, though. I've got to be the whitest person in Florida.


Adrienne said...

Beautiful stuff!!! Have fun!

Chris-el-da said...

wow that looks peaceful. can't wait to see what pictures you take!!!
have a blast

SmileyCarrie said...

I love the card you made!
Enjoy your trip, that room does look beautiful!

missy s said...

i love that ribbon kit..too cool. found your blog from is very fun to read!