Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday Blog Challenge: Random YOU (well, ME)

Favorite hairstyle you ever had: I LOVED my hair my senior year of high school when I used to wear it straight. The photo above is my Senior yearbook photo. My hair was long and all pretty when it was straight...but ALOT of work. My mom had to help me if I wanted it to look good. Wash hair, blow dry straight (she had to wear gloves because my hair had to be so hot to get it straight!), then go back over with a flat iron, the curl the ends with a curling iron, or put hot curlers in the whole thing (like we did here). But if it was damp or rainy....can we say AFRO?! Chad likes my hair curly, though, and DETESTS it when I straighten it. I guess I just want what I don't have! I've learned to love my curls.

Favorite song on the radio that you just love right now: Well, I listen to XM, so the songs I hear on the radio are a little different. I lovin' 'Tension' by Aqueduct (this week, anyways). It's kinda funky, but my kinda thing. I just downloaded the album off itunes, and I just keep listening to it!

Favorite TV show: Desperate Housewives, VERY closely followed by the original CSI.

Favorite musical artist: This one is always hard for me, as I don't have just ONE favorite. As I said above, I'm really digging Aqueduct right now, as well as Neko Case, Sufjan Stevens, Annie, and Archer Prewitt. If I had to pick a band whose every album I have and would buy without hearing...that would be Modest Mouse.

Favorite thing to eat for supper: The first would be Mac and Cheese. The Kraft Deluxe kind. That's my comfort food, and the thing I can always count on being able to eat if I don't feel well. My second all-time favorite would be Dirty Rice- that Zattarain's kind that comes in a box- made with sausage (the kind in the plastic wrapper that you cut into breakfast patties) instead of hamburger meat. Yes, I can appreciate a home-cooked meal from scratch, but for some reason, my favorites are straight from the processed food isle.

Favorite movie: Again, I don't have just one. My most long time favorites are 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' and 'Yellow Submarine'. I have recently added 'Napoleon Dynamite' to that list. Any movie that has a ton of one-liners that you are quoting YEARS after it comes out is a good movie to me. Hehee. Yeah, I like the crazy ones. Oh, and of COURSE I like all the Harry Potter movies.

Best date you ever went on: That would have to be my third date with Chad. We just did some totally random stuff, like go to Wal-Mart, watch a movie, and play scrabble at his place. We decided to walk across the street and go for a walk on the beach at night. It was January, so it was still WAY cold in Fernandina. He gave me one of his coats that was WAY too big for me. We were standing on the beach, and he asked if he could give me a kiss. Our first kiss! It was wonderful...and not to be corny, but you DO hear music in your head when you've found the perfect man. Hmmmm....so dreamy.

Your most favorite friend: My family. Don't get me wrong, I love my unrelated friends, but I seriously LOVE hanging out with either of my parents, especially since I don't get to see them all too often. My sister is 8 years younger than me, and we have ALWAYS been close- I hate that I'm missing her High School years, and all her Horse/Barrel Racing/Roping stuff. And I'll never pass up an opportunity to get to spend time with Chad!

The best Christmas present you ever received to date: Well, there's two I'd like to put here. Christmas 1994, when I was in 9th grade, my parents got me my VERY FIRST CD player. I just remember how excited I was...I even remember the CD's I got: Dookie by Greenday, In Utero by Nirvana, and Nirvana: MTV Unplugged. Yeah, I was going through my 'freak' phase. I still listen to them , though! The other one would be Christmas 2001, when Chad got me my Nikon N80 film SLR. I only had an old manual up till then, so this was like FLIPPIN' AWESOME! He gave me a new camera bag, which I thought was for the old camera, and, get this: a CHIA PET! I was kinda like, okaaayyy. Just before he walked out the door to go back to work he said, "You have one more present, but you have to FIND it!". And when I found it, there was my camera and a new lens!

Man, I am so long winded on these challenges, but they're fun! Hope I didn't wear anyone out with all my babbling...


BonnieRose said...

I loved reading all your answers.. and my god, u were gorgeous back then, and still are.. hugs,

ejmom said...

What a great list!

Adrienne said...

I love that list!!!

Chris-el-da said...

you were laying on the carpet like you were satin in a coffin...

LOVES me some modest mouse