Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Layouts and Christmas

I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas. I know I did! Christmas Eve, my friend and I scrapped until midnight while the guys watched football (and whatever else!). I had gotten our dogs fluffy bell collars to wear for the party we had on Friday, so I made her dog a flower collar to wear. I took a photo of Greta (their dog) in it, and it turned out so good, I just had to scrap it:

Christmas was fun. I got my big present a few weeks ago, a 50mm f1.4 lens for my camera. Chad suprised me with it before we went on our trip. On Christmas morning I opened up some kitchen utensils (OXO wooden ones...Chad thought he was giving a corny gift, but I LOVED it! I NEED new utensils!), a digital meat thermometer (I actually wanted that, too!), a cool Neoprene lunch bag that we had seen on TV, a dark pink Colombia sweater, and Chad suprised me with a pair of Pearl Studs. I've been wanting some for over a year, because I lost one from my other pair I had. So sweet!

I got scrap stuff from Chad's parents (Including the pink bag with the pink Cutterpede trimmer), and GC to Jo-Ann from one set of friends. Another friend gave us a GC to the movie theatre, another gave us a GC to the Cheesecake factory, and Chad's secretary and her husband gave us a GC to a nice local restaurant on Marco Island. Both Chad's parents and my parents are giving us money to go toward our new patio furniture, and my Dad made us a whole gallon size baggie FULL of his famous home made beef jerky. Seriously, it's the best jerky on the planet. We got it a week and a half ago and it's almost gone. I've been eating it for meals.

Yesterday, we went out and picked out our patio furniture, made a quick run to the Scrapbook store so I could replace all those brads I used up fr gift wraping, and then I scrapped some more when I got home:

Yes, that is THREE photos you see on that page. Amazing, isn't it? And they're ALL 4x6! I usually scrap one 5x7. I easing my way into multiple photos, so I will be all set when I tackle the page about Chad's mahogany chair.

Marley (our lab) is getting her knee surgery today, so please send out good thoughts! She's going to be babied and spoiled for the next 8 weeks!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous layouts!!!!

Anonymous said...

penny- i love your layouts (as usual)
Ever since we did the SSS I have wanted to ask...what brand/style are the rubons you use? they are so adorable!!
good vibes to the puppy!!

Anonymous said...

So awesome girlie!! Love the lo and the Christmas pics... I got a REBEL!!! Ill be taking fabu pics! Took some... on the blog...

scrapperjen said...

Merry (late) Christmas! I love your new layouts - great photos too.
Have a very Happy New Year!