Sunday, March 04, 2007

DoM Week 8 and a birthday card!

Emily's prompt for Week 8 for the Deck of Me was "Who (or what) do you miss?". Well, I miss alot of people, so I went for the WHAT part. That was easy for me....I miss Fernandina.

Even though I actually lived in Yulee (and that's where my parents and sister still are), Fernandina was where I went to High School, where I had my first job, where all my friends are, where I met Chad, where I was a reenactor, where I went to the big Shrimp Festival every year.....where I did everything! Although it's growing, and it's always been big summer tourist destination, it's still a small beach town with alot of history. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Naples, and I'm not really homesick, but I would go back to Fernandina in a heartbeat. Funny, because in High School, we all couldn't wait to get out of that town. Now, everyone is moving back, or close by. It's just a great place....stinky paper mill and all!

Now, enough of my rambling! My bloggy friend Amber is having a birthday here soon! So, I made her a card. It can also be seen at 2Peas HERE.

I hope you like it, girl! I'll be getting in the mail in the next few days, along with a little something fun and scrappy!

Well, I'm off to actually SCRAP. I haven't done a layout since my All ABout Me one, and I have these cool stamps from Sara at Story of My Life to play I'm gonna get to it!

Oh, and don't forget that voting for MM Idol starts up tomorrow at 9am MST. They wiped out all the original votes, so you have to vote again if you're still interested. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!


*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl... love my card! Can't wait to get it in the mail!! gosh.. so pretty! and u totally used my FAV color!! Awesome!! U so sweet! xoxo
Can't wait to see u play w/some stamps!!

Je@net said...

Love both of your cards!!

iralamija said...

O WOW!! I love this card I will try this skecth ! lOVE it!!! TFS!!!!

Bety :)

Lis said...

Your deck of me card is great, know just how you feel.

Heidi Joe said...

Penny, you rock! I love that card you made Amber... she's such a sweety pie. And your Deck of Me project is blowin' me away... I love seeing all the goods you come up with!

sara berry said...

I love the cards! Your deck of me gets better every week and what a great b'day card. I have got a note reminding myself to VOTE tomorrow...I hope there will be no more problems!

Vee said...

beautiful card!!
i know amber will love it! :)

Nicole said...

Cute birthday card :) And love the playing card :)