Friday, March 23, 2007

Most Cherished Project

A couple weeks ago, everyone still in the MM Idol contest was asked a couple questions that they were going to post on the blog. They did the "Most Cherished Project" this week, and since I'm no longer in it, I thought I'd post it here! I never posted any of my earliest pages on 2Peas. I started with the ones I did after I joined.

So, here it is, in all it's color-clashing glory!

This is what my response to the question was:

"My most cherished project is the 2nd layout I ever did. I made it a little over a year ago when I started scrapping. It's a layout of the night I met my now husband. Someone there was taking photos of everyone, so I ended up with photos of both of us, and we both kept the post-its that we exchanged numbers on. On the back, I have journaling about the night and the conversation we had. It's not the most beautiful layout ever, but what is on it is very special to me."

I still did some pretty funky stuff, even before I joined all the message boards and stuff. I'd like to think I've gotten better at putting papers together, though.

I just thought this would be fun to post. Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm going to a crop all day tomorrow, so there will definitely be new stuff to post later.


Marie Starr said...

Great page!

Hope your weekend goes well!

toners said...

This is what scrapping is all about :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhhh GREAT PAGE!! LOVE IT!!!

sara berry said...

Wow, neat how you both kept those post-its. :) I can't believe that was only your 2nd lo. My second lo is buried in the scraproom and won't (I hope) ever see the light of day!

CircesMagic said...

This is probably the most romantic page I have seen yet!