Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Okay....finally, half a week later, I'm getting around to posting a couple photos! We actually went out to a party at a local sports pub on Saturday night, because all of us have to work during the week, so going out Tuesday night was out of the question. Anyways, here's a close up of my hair, tiara, and the awesome eyelashes I had. I was a vampire, but I really just wanted an excuse to wear a tiara! Yes, that is my hair....I just puffed it up with hairspray and sprayed white iridescent hair color on it. (Sorry about the cleavage shot...I'm trying to pin my cape in place here!)

Oh, and FYI...when Maybelline says SUPER COLOR STAY on the lipstick, they're not kidding. I finally had to use fingernail polish remover to get it off! Ouch!

Now, here's our group. Friends of ours that dressed as Shrek and the Ogre Princess Fiona, me as the Vampiress, French Maid and Fat Elvis, and Chad dressed as Larry the Cable Guy (he had the exact hat with the fish hook clip and everything). Shrek (Kirby) actually won the costume contest...we knew he would! Everyone got a huge kick out of it. We couldn't even look at him without cracking up!

I do wish I had a better view of my whole costume. My dress had black crinoline underneath, and I had red and black striped tights with these huge shoes on. I also had opera length black gloves on with a huge red stone ring. My cape is floor length. Other people were taking pictures, too, so I'll have to get some other ones. I didn't get a great photo of my teeth, either....they looked real!

I also have a new layout to post, as well as the awesome chair Chad just got finished making out of Mahogany. I just need to photograph them, so that'll be coming up.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

love all the costumes!!!
tons of fun!!
can't wait to see the new layout!!

Vee said...

y'all look great!

scrapperjen said...

I LOVE those costumes! Shrek is GREAT, you look sassy & your DH cracks me up!!!!!

Chris-el-da said...

cute eyelashes!
love 'em
and since when do vampires wear tiaras???

or is that a play on words for
blood sucking princess - types???

Lynn said...

Awesome costumes! Looks like everyone had a great time. Love how your hair and eyelashes look. wonderful tiara.

Funky Finds said...

cool eyelashes. and i absolutely love shrek & fiona!

BonnieRose said...

you look gorgeous dahling!