Monday, June 05, 2006

More artwork.

Here's another collage I made on Saturday. I didn't do much else...I had another KILLER migraine on Friday, and I was out of work. I did this in stages on Saturday, because I didn't really feel 100% until yesterday afternoon. This migraine thingy is weird- I'll get a couple fairly close together, then I won't get another one for over a year (not that I'm complaining!). I just wish I knew what set them off! Luckily I had called my Doctor after that one I had a couple weeks ago, and they refilled my perscription for my headache pills.

ANYWAYS- I'm really getting a kick out of doing these collages. I have so many ideas floating around in my head. I do want to sit down and do some more Layouts, too. I came across another Design Team that I'm pretty sure I'm going to submit for. I just have to wait for the right ones to come along, and this one looks like it fits me pretty well. There's still a couple weeks until the call closes, so I figured I'd wait and see if I come up with something else I LOVE.

1 comment:

Sofia said...

Cool collage.

Sorry to hear about the migraine. I know how horrible those can be.