Thursday, July 06, 2006

The good side of thunderstorms.

I have to say, the positive side of all the torrential rains and storms we get this time of the year are the gorgeous clouds. This is what I saw pulling into work this morning. I came in early, so the sun was just coming up. And right behind me was a rainbow (you couldn't really see it in the photo I took of it). I've seen 3 rainbows in the past week...well 4 if you count that one was a double rainbow.

I swear, nature never ceases to fascinate me.

On another note, my doctor called with the results of the allergy test she sent me in for, to see if we could find a cause to my sinus headaches. Turns out I'm allergic to, get this: Pine Trees and Cow's Milk. What the heck?! Two things I've ALWAYS been around. What the heck DOESN'T have cow's milk in it? I LOVE cheese! And I had about 20 pine trees in my yard growing up. We don't have as many down here. Maybe that explains why I get sick around christmas almost every year! You can't take my christmas tree!!!

So anyways, my doctor said to try to go without any cow's milk products for 10 days just to see what happens. It's not necessarily what's causing the headaches (it may just cause some slight itchiness on my hands of chest that I never noticed I'm gonna be paranoid!), but it won't hurt to try.

So what am I eating right now? Lean Cusine Chicken Carbonara with a nice bold warning on the side that says CONTAINS MILK PRODUCTS. Heh.

I'll have to post a couple photos that I've taken for Naples Dog, too. I'll probably do that tomorrow or this weekend.


Vee said...

you take the most amazing photographs...

Maureen said...

Beautiful photo....

If you can't have a real Christmas tree anymore, there are beautiful fake ones nowadays...and if you buy some Pine scent (unless you're allergic to that) it can even smell like the real thing! Good luck!

davidandgoliath said...

Hi Penny....beautiful photos of the clouds. Don't we live in a beautiful world????
I hope you start feeling better. Allergies are no fun!!!! Have a wonderful week.
Pam Taylor