Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Some new stuff.

The 'hello' door sign is what I made last night. I like it, but it still needs something more (or even less?), but I just can't put my finger on it. I know I'll come up with something. I'll play around with it more tonight. And, man, do I love colored safety pins or what? I've been putting them on everything. They're so simple and cheap, but they add just the right dash of color.

Above is also the 'Little Prince' magnet that I made of Pickle. I just thought this photo was so cute, and had to do something with it. I got the idea for the crown from Jenni Bowlin's project kit. I almost got that just for the crown charm, but I used my better judgement (spending-wise) and stuck with the papercrafting kit.

I really need to get that lost part for my tripod, and a light box, so my photos of my projects come out better. I just hate using a flash because it puts a hot spot on everything, no matter how you try to compensate! I at LEAST need to get the tripod fixed. This whole 'just barely out of focus' thing is driving me nuts!


Sonia said...

LOVE THEM BOTH. If you're looking for a little somethin extra for the hello sign....how about some bling? Rhinestones with primas? But that's me..i'm on a big prima/rhinestone kick right now.

Ti said...

that magnet is just way too cute.