Thursday, February 23, 2006

Volunteer thanks cards (in progress) and RAK.

Last night Chad asked me if I'd make thank you cards for the park volunteers. Ah, the TOIL of a Park Manager's wife! It makes me feel good when he asks me to do things like this for him. And the volunteers go nuts over the stuff I make, and that's always good for anyone. Anyways, I only had to make one last night, but it still took me quite awhile to 1. Figure out what I was going to do, 2. Cut ribbon, etc. for all 14, and 3. Put the ONE together in a way I liked. Yeah, I'm one of those that takes forever to do one little project. So, the top picture is what I'm working with. Didn't get a photo of the one, but I'll get one when I get the others done.

The lower picture is a RAK to superpezgirl, who has been so kind as to have 'PEASed to meet you' buttons
made for all us peas so we can identify each other at scrapbooking events. She'll be getting these little notecards (complete with pink flowers and rhinestones!) I made in the envelope I'm sending with 80 cents and a SASE for 2 buttons. I hope she likes them.....I want some for me now. If anyone else likes them, I'd love to RAK a couple more sets!

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Ti said...

what a great RAKing gift, it's really cute and thoughtful of you. Can't wait to see a post of your thank you cards.