Thursday, February 16, 2006

Still nothing new.

Well, I didn't get to play with my Jenni Bowlin kit yet. And my primas didn't come yesterday, either. I had to take some work home with me last night- pricing a job- because I didn't feel like staying late. And I HAD to watch Lost (in hopes that something will FINALLY make some sense!). I did manage to organize all my tons of ribbon, but I still don't think I'm happy with it. I think I may just get some of these. I'm just trying to cut back on my online shopping, though. I just need instant gratification, even if I DO have to do something several times. I guess I'm just strange.

Hopefully I can squeeze in some craft time tonight, but then again, we have the weekly volunteer dinner at the park, then Survivor and CSI is on tonight (then watch the OC on DVR). I could do without Survivor tonight, but CSI has just been so good lately!

I guess I'd better get back to work. I'm in the process of designing an Entertainment Center (bleh- my least favorite thing). Just....5....minutes.....till.....lunch.......

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