Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Easter Egg and Pickle's cupcakes.

Here's the lovely egg I made last night! I found this cool branch in our back yard, and I want to hang it on the wall so I can make pretties to hang on it throughout the year. I still have to finish the other two.

Pickle's cupcakes turned out so cute! They were peanut butter and carrot flavored and topped with light cream cheese and a peanut butter cookie. They loved them! Pickle didn't know what to do when he got down to the cupcake, though...I think he thought he was doing something bad. Marley, on the other hand, licked off the cream cheese, then ate the cupcake whole. It was so funny to watch!

Okay, I know I said I'd post pictures of the mini kit I made. I didn't get a chance to take them like I though I would, and then I left it on my desk at work. I PROMISE I'll take them tomorrow.

My Jenni Bowlin kit didn't come I'm freaking out and wondering if I clicked the subscribe button. I know I bought the subscription last month, because the kit was cheaper than it was in Feb. I'm sure it'll come tomorrow.

Alright, off to watch LOST! Have a nice night, everyone!


barbr said...

Love the egg ! Great job

Vee said...

love the egg
may have to get the recipe for the cupcakes
aiden's b-day is coming up in July.
they look yummy!!

Jannet said...

the cupcakes are a lovely idea!
We made doggie biscuits for Tammy but never a homemade cake