Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pickle!

My little squishy Pickle is one year old today! We are going to be baking puppy-friendly cupcakes tonight for him and Marley (and maybe a couple neighbor dogs) to enjoy. Hopefully I'll get some great photos!

My friend and I made some easter eggs last night...the kind where you blow the filling out of the egg, then decorate the shell. I'd never tried that before, and it was pretty fun. I took pictures of the one I finished, but of course I left the camera at home. I did a yellow one, then attached tiny white prima flowers, and put rhinestones in the centers. I'll post it tomorrow, and maybe I'll finish the other two tonight. My Jenni Bowlin kit should be there when I get home, too!

I also made myself a mini scrap kit for traveling and just to leave in my purse with my ideas journal. I'll take pictures of it at lunchtime and post those later today.


Vee said...

what a cutie!!
I can't wait to see the pics

BonnieRose said...

can't wait to see all your goodies.. wheres' the pics?