Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Look at this little HAM!

He reminds me of the bratty little brother poking his head in front of the camera and going "Look at ME!" Hehee....he's so cute. We took the kids 'bye-bye' with us last night to go check out the smoke coming off the 3,000 acre wildfire that's burning not too far from us (thank goodness it's under control! It wasn't close enough to affect us, though.) Unfortunately, I missed the good shot when I was coming home from work...the black smoke billowing up, and the orange sky. Oh, well.

I've been lazy about blogging the past couple days...I took a class at the gym Monday night, one where you do weights and work every part of your body. By today, I couldn't flippin' MOVE! I am in so much PAIN right now! I'm so proud of myself for getting through the class. Now if I can just get UNsore, I can go back to the gym!

Something kinda cool did happen Monday, though. I went to the Library during lunch, and Wink News (our local station) asked if they could interview me about the new online system our library is coming out with. I ended up being on our 5:30 news! The part they put on was something like, "I use the internet for everything, and this is great because I can look to see if something is in before I make a special trip." or something to that effect. So there was my 5 seconds of local fame. Hehe.


BonnieRose said...

cONGRATS on your fame!!! Good for you! hugs,

Vee said...

that is so cool!
nothing like being on tv