Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mini scrap kit.

Okay, as promised, here are photos of the little mini kit I put together for myself. I got the idea when I went to Borders the other day and found this cute pencil tin, and the mini office set. The set has a little stapler and staples, and a little tape dispenser and tape. It also has a hole punch and staple remover, but those didn't fit.

I then added lots of scraps, star stickers, mini paper bags, a tag, some playing cards, a baggie of primas, a baggie of assorted small embellishments, a small pair of scissors (they're actually embroidery scissors), a zig pen, and a zig glue pen. I have the strands of ribbon (there's about 15-20) held on with pp-covered magnet strips.

This is the perfect kit to keep in my desk at work (I've made quick cards from stuff found in my office before), or to take on a short trip for when I need a little bit of creative outlet.


Sofia said...

What a great idea! I love your kit.

Jennia Hart said...

What an adorable little kit!! What a great idea for "emergency" supplies at work.

Araxi said...

Ok that is brilliant!!! Ive gotta put one together for myself!

BonnieRose said...

omg.. what an adorable kit.... I so love this... u shud sell these.. I wud take one... hey, if u wanna make another one and send one my way... go for it.. ! lol I would LOVE ONE OF THESE!
You are such an inspiration to me!