Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I survived the wedding shoot!

Boy, was Saturday a LONG day! We were there from 10am to about 10:30PM. I was so beat by the end of the night. I SO TOTALLY have so much more respect for wedding photographers, now. I was keeping the mother of the bride calm, while all day I was completely stressing out hoping the photos would turn out.

On Sunday, I LITERALLY made myself sick because I wasn't absolutely thrilled with the photos, and was so afraid that they wouldn't be happy with them. The wedding party pictures were only OK, and all the bridesmaids' hair was blowing in their faces. To top it off, I ended up taking over 500 photos (how the heck did THAT happen), so I had ALOT of editing and deleting to do. I kept trying to tell myself, "If they were so worried, they would have hired a PRO!", but it didn't work...and kinda glad I was doing it for free.

So, yesterday, I was feeling better, and Chad took the CD of photos over to the bride's Dad. He really liked them. I looked at them again with much LESS tired eyes last night, and I decided they're really not too bad. I picked out about 13 of my favorites and posted them on 2peas, which you can see HERE.

I also made a slideshow to music of all the photos for them on iDVD, which happens to be like the coolest program ever. It's amazing how setting photos to music on a black background can instantly make them look better. Cool. I still don't want to be a wedding photographer......


Vee said...

i love the photos
what a beautiful setting
I know they will pleased with the photos and your hard work.

Chris-el-da said...

what the heck are you talking about, bad photos???

those were gorgeous. you did such a good job capturing!! love the one of her and what i am assuming is her mother!

you are my new fave photographer chica! loved it. and i know what you mean about hating it though. but you have to remember they hired you because they trusted it. and you.