Monday, April 10, 2006

Latest Projects

So, I'm back in blogdom after a quiet few days. I didn't really have anything going on! These are what I did this weekend. I made the card Friday night- my sister's Corgi puppy, Abbey, is turning One year old on Wednesday (the same day as Pickle's first!), so Marley and Pickle needed a card to send her! They also sent her a cute bag filled with bone-shaped peanut butter cookies. I'll be baking dog-friendly cupcakes for Pickle's birthday, as I didn't have time to get to the Doggie bakery. Yeah, I'm strange...I don't have any 'real' kids! What do you expect?!

On Saturday I made this shadow box collage for the Florida Park Service Alumni auction. It measures about 14x18. I wasn't so sure if I really liked how it turned out, but Chad loved it, and said that everyone else would, too. I hope so! I'd really feel like crap if no one bid on it. Good thing we're not going to the auction. I guess I'm pretty happy with it....I just had to get in all those flowers!

I didn't do ANYTHING on Sunday. It was a weird day for me...I slept until almost 10am (8 is late for me). I browsed wedding photography on 2peas, and I just felt horrible....headache, nausea, the whole nine yards. So I laid on the couch and slept. Then I went to the bedroom to watch some recorded episodes of DIY Scrapbooking and slept some more. Chad was really sweet and made dinner and everything. I felt better after dinner, but was bummed because Desperate Housewives wasn't on...although Extreme Makeover was really cute with Kermit! Feeling perfectly normal today, thank goodness. There's not much worse than having to sit in front of a computer all day with a splitting headache!


Vee said...

I love the shadow box
it is gorgeous
and the card is awesome as well
i love green and pink together
Are throwing a party for pickles?
I am for Aiden when her turns one in July!!
hey we love animals and that is not wierd

BonnieRose said...

love love your shadowbox.. wow!!! you have the best hubby... he takes such good care of you... u are so blessed gf.. I am too... isn't it great to feel loved? hugs,