Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blog Challenge: Favorite Snacks

List 5-10 of your most FAVE SNACK FOODS, and share any stories/why you love 'em so much!

1. Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream. This is the best ice cream on the planet (and probably the most fattening, but let's not go there!).

2. Special K Red Berries Cereal. Dry. It just tastes so good and sugary. And awesome if you're on WW (2 points a cup!). I've even got the {very skinny} girl I work with hooked on it.

3. String Cheese. This is usually my 3:00 'I'm hungry again' snack at work, and also for the time between getting home and making dinner (so I don't eat while I cook!). It's quick and easy, and it's good for a salty craving. It's CHEESE...come on! Of COURSE it's good!

5. Turkey Pepperonies. Kinda the same thing as the string cheese. I often eat them together.

6. Cheez-its. Cheese AND carbs. 'Nuff said.

7. Bananas and Fat Free Cool Whip. This is a newer one for me. I've been on a huge 'I love everything banana and banana flavored' kick. And who doesn't love Cool Whip?! And the Fat Free is 0, yes, 0 points for 2 servings. It's a no guilt snack. And that makes it taste even better.

8. Sweet Tarts. I've always loved these things. I think I'm addicted. I'll eat them until my tongue hurts and I can't taste anything but sour.

9. Microwave Popcorn. Sometimes you just need popcorn. It's that craving that nothing else will fill. Weird isn't it? One whiff and I just can't turn it down.

10. Fresh Watermelon or Pineapple. Yeah, they're fruit, and that may be boring, but they're my favorite fruits! They taste so good you don't FEEL like you're eating healthy.

Good thing I just finished lunch, or this would have made me hungry!


Ti said...

cool list... maybe I should have thought about healthy snacks too LOL, my minds just been on chocolate today. Have a Good One!

melissa said...

lots of yummy snacks! hey fruit isn't boring, I love watermelon too ;) lol

Karen said...

I've been on a sweettart kick lately. purple ones, first.

Leah said...

All these lists are making me hungry! I love fruit as well. I think I need to revise my list. *grin*