Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Look what I got...

My lovely Nikon D200! It just arrived yesterday. This is one awesome camera. This thing screams...it is sooo fast, no delay at all! (I'm sure the high-speed memory card helps, too!) It's SO nice to be shooting with an SLR again! I have a Nikon N80 for film, but as far as digital, I have my personal point-and-shoot, and a Nikon Coolpix hybrid at work. It even SOUNDS like a film camera! The photos look so much better right out of the camera- the white balance is perfect without messing around with it manually, and the flash doesn't leave this huge hot spot right in the middle of the photo. And can you say TEN megapixels?! Yeah, I'm going to be wallpapering our house with gigantic poster-size enlargements. Hehe.

Now, I'm sure I'll start submitting for Exhibitions again, and I have a list of people wanting me to do portraits (that was my specialty when I was doing film/darkroom). Also, I am shooting a wedding for the daughter of some friends of ours. I'm pretty nervous about this one, because IT'S THEIR WEDDING for crying out loud. I've already given them the whole 'remember that I'm not a professional wedding photographer, and if the pictures look like crap, you can't get mad' speech. Plus I'm doing it for free. I know they'll be great....just need to have confidence!

I'm sure I'll also be more inspired to scrap, now. My photography was what got me into scrapbooking in the first place! Chad is off today, and he gets to play with the camera ALL DAY. *im my best Napoleon Dynamite voice* Lucky!


Vee said...

this camera is awesome!
I got mine today as well
cannot wait to go home and play!

Renee said...

Congrats on the new camera. How generous of you to shoot your friends wedding. Good luck.

shirley said...


Have fun, it'll be great to see your photos!!