Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One of my favorite websites.

Fred Flare. I think I found it through Lucky magazine several years ago. Their stuff is just so funky and bright. Just my style. And they have great prices on 90% of their items. I really want to get a cute purse/ tote from here. I want something a little big, because I like to tote alot of stuff around with me everywhere. All that fits in my current purse is normal purse stuff. Even though it's a Coach bag, it's seen better days, and I'm pretty much over the expensive purse kick. I'd rather have something unique. But anyways....I want something I can fit (along with my 'purse' stuff) my point and shoot digi camera, a small journal for quick sketches or ideas, and a small tape measure. I just NEED this stuff with me at all times. I find myself needing it when I'm out, and I end up having to jot stuff on the back of receipts, which end up getting thrown away. I just know when I get one, Chad'll say it's too big and looks like a Grandma purse. I guess then I'll tell him, "Well, it was either this big one for $28, or that 'normal size' Coach/Dooney/Kate Spade purse for $280." Hehehe, I think he'll start liking my 'granny purse' really quick.


BonnieRose said...

sounds so neat. I will have to check it out.thks Penny!

Gillian Greding said...

I LOVE Fred Flare too! Every time I see something online or in a mag that is super cute and original, I look at where it comes from and sure enough... Fred Flare. They rock!