Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Updated profile photo.

It's not too often that I get a photo of myself that I really like. I took this one a little while back, but then couldn't find it on my computer! Well, I just happened to come across it today. It looks a little goofy in my sidebar above my profile, so I wanted to show the full version here. Man, do I have alot of hair!

I'm really going nuts from not having any new layouts or projects to post. I went to the Goodwill over the weekend and picked up lots of cool stuff to alter, but I haven't finished anything yet. I don't really have much time during the week, and we have company right now, too, so I don't want to be rude and close myself in my scrap room for hours at a time! Plus I've been so involved with getting used to the new computer and figuring out the camera. I'm sure I'll be shooting away over the weekend, as I haven't had a chance to really go out and take photos lately.


Vee said...

i love your new pic penny
great shot of you!
i {heart}b/w photos

BonnieRose said...

don't feel bad aboutnot postinganything.
with my girls here, i haven't been sbing this week as usual either.. with my girls here... all is well. no guilt remember???

shirley said...

Beautiful !!

Leah said...

great picture! Loved your LO's posted today too (4/3)